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TSA Airport Antimicrobial Disposable Hygomat Runners

Hygomat TSA antimicrobial floor and carpet runners protect passengers from germs, allergens and bacteria’s so that they can take off shoes and walk safely and in confidence during the security process without worrying about the possible transmission of viruses and germs to themselves or others.

TSA Antimicrobial Disposable Hygomat Runners

Airport travel is already a stressful enough process for passengers without the added concern of having to worry about the possible transmission of viruses and fungi to themselves or others on their bare feet during security check points. To speed up the security process for travelers and give them peace of mind while walking without shoes, our TSA Airport Antimicrobial Disposable Runners are a must.

  • ADA compliant – available for floor or carpet.
  • Easy to install.
  • Inhibits the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi to travelers.
  • Cost effective way to maintain traveler satisfaction and safety.
  • Velcro® or tape options to prevent slippage.
  • Green Label Plus Certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute.
Colors Charcoal
Sizes 24” x 36” – 12 Floor Runners per case.
24” x 72” – 6 Floor Runners per case.
24” x 36” – 12 Carpet Runners per case.
24” x 72” – 6 Carpet Runners per case.
Private labeling options available.
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