About Hygolet

Hygolet was founded in 1978 in Switzerland and began its tradition of innovation with the introduction of its patented hygienic toilet seat. The company expanded to include headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA and continues to manufacture products for public restrooms that are the most modern, innovative, cost effective, and hygienically efficient products available on the market today.


With distribution in over 60 countries worldwide, hygolet has expanded to meet the needs of the changing economy and the increased fear of germs and diseases from the public by providing reliable, functional, and high class solutions to companies and facilities such as airports, hotels, hospitals, casinos, country clubs, restaurants, offices and other locations where cleanliness, hygiene and peace of mind are a top priority for patrons and employees.



U.S Quality Standards

 Hygolet proudly assembles all of its products in the United States and maintains its high standards of quality control by ensuring that the product design, choice of materials used, and production management procedures are strictly enforced at all times.


Total Hygolet

The hygolet  brand stands for Quality, Innovation, Cleanliness, and Reliability. With the full range of sleek, modern, and stylish hygienic toilet seats and accessories available, public restroom facilities can integrate form and function into a TOTAL HYGIENE SYSTEM.


• High Quality Craftsmanship
• Products are easy to install, maintain, and use
• Attractive in design
• Cost effective
• Increases positive image of facility


Customer Service

Building and maintaining customer relationships is central to our business. From your first phone call through the ordering and installation process, our goal is to provide you with excellent service, superior product, and value.